8 Major Threats to the Future of America

Threats To America?

While traveling the so-called Information Highway we come upon resources and articles which might be of use to those who visit our web site here at RadioSurvivalist.com. There’s a web site called OmahaOutdoors that will cause you to spend some time looking around at the many deals on firearms and shooting accessories. But the real gem I found was in their blog and the post is named Are you Prepared for the 8 Major Threats to the Future of America? This is worth a read and I will post the link to it below but first I want to give you a quick run-down on the 8 major threats this blog post is referring to:


  1. Geopolitical tensions. World stability in a nutshell.
  2. In search of water. Water? Really? Look no further than the state of California and you’ll see the crisis already within our borders.
  3. Large-scale terrorism. Unfortunately the Internet is playing a big part in the advancement of terrorism with the terrorists posting their acts of violence and requests for new members to their “causes” in the world.
  4. Trigger-happy Putin. The Bear of Russia may have taken a nap when Gorbachev dismantled it but it is back. With a vengeance.
  5. Chemical warfare. Again the Internet is being used as a means of communications between groups hell-bent on destroying anything that does not fall inline with their twisted ideologies.
  6. Cyber attacks. America is losing the cyber wars because of the poor quality education being taught to our children. While the US concentrates on passing tests other countries are teaching their elementary age children logic and programming skills. Skills that will be dangerous in the years to come.
  7. Natural disasters. The further the US moves away from God the worse the country seems to fare when it comes to “natural disasters” and there are skills that preppers and survivalists will know that will help them and their families to endure these disasters.
  8. Zombie invasion. What, you thought this was just a Hollywood movie idea? Think of that great garden, or water collection system out in your back yard and then picture yourself defending it from the zombies who will not do for themselves but they will take from you and yours.

Read the entire article here: http://www.omahaoutdoors.com/blog/prepared-8-major-threats-future-america/

Threats To America