Radio propagation software is a a great addition to amateur radio operators, shortwave listeners, and those interested in learning more about radio communications.

Here is an unordered list with descriptions and some screenshots, to visit the web sites just click the title:

Radio Propagation & Diffraction Calculator v1.03 – This is a radio frequency propagation calculator for the transmission path between an RF transmitter and a receiver. It is aimed mainly at short range radio applications, such as in-building LAN and point-to- point links up to a few km where there is a direct line-of-sight or a simple diffraction profile, or a modified range law model, but it can also support calculations for satellite, aeronautical and space communications where the line-of-sight model can be applied. It is useful to both ham operators and radio professionals.

W6ELPropTM Version 2.70 – W6ELProp predicts ionospheric (sky-wave) propagation between any two locations on the earth on frequencies between 3 and 30 MHz. There is no charge for W6ELProp when used for non-commercial purposes.

Ham CAP 1.0 – HF propagation prediction tool for Amateur Radio. To give you an example of what these propagation programs look like we have included a couple of screenshots from Ham CAP 1.0 below.

HF propagation prediction tool for Amateur Radio Area coverage mapArea coverage map in pseudo-colorsSignal-to-Noise Ratio vs. time and frequency



DXPROP – A freeware high frequency tool in both French and English. Here are some screenshots:

prop graph 1 prop chart 1