The Times They Are A Changin’

Change & Hope – Two words bandied about by the liberal media and those others in the media such as movie stars and other media oriented personalities. Can you really trust the media to be unbiased and fair in their reporting? Just look at the election of November 2008 and you’ll quickly see that the media was, except for a small minority, hell bent on affecting the election. As for Hollywood and its ilk, well it is amazing that the movie consumers (that would be us) fail to realize that we pay them to act. We don’t pay them for their political views. We pay them to stand in front of a camera, to be told what to do by the director. If they were qualified to anything else other than acting it would seem that they would be doing it.

BUT! But Dylan said it best, “the times they are a changin’”. Fox News had a recent article on their web site titled: “Silent No More? Conservative Books and Blogs on the Rise” ( where they discussed the fact that there is increasing evidence of a shift in the political winds as the nation appears to be swinging right after President Obama’s victory last November. Imagine that!

Change and the mantra of those beating the Barack Hussein Obama drum have failed those that voted Barry into office. Was it the change they wanted? Must not be as you have surely noticed all the political signs for Obama & Biden which were allowed to illegally stay up after the election have now pretty much disappeared. There was a posting on one of the news sites the other day chiding Barry’s supporters and joked of saying he saw them out in their driveways at night scraping their Obama-Biden stickers off their bumpers.

Fox News goes on to say: A recent Gallup poll found that people who identify themselves as conservatives now outnumber liberals in every state. And that tilt is reflected in book sales, with three political books by conservative authors listed in the Top 10 New York Times nonfiction bestsellers:

There are no political books written by liberals on the list.

(Click the images for more information about these books.)

Liberal pundits also are noting the trend. Michael Huttner and Jason Salzman, authors of “50 Ways You Can Help Obama Change America,” wrote at that they hope their book “contributes to changing the dialogue in this country, at a time when … books by right-wingers Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly [are] topping this week’s national bestsellers list.”

But some media experts say that what’s happening now reflects a more fundamental shift toward conservative writing — both in books and on the Internet — caused by an elite media that ignores conservative voices.

Hope was another word changed forever by our yet to be proven American citizen Barack Hussein Obama. His hope is that you will place all your hope in him, he hopes you will allow him to speak to YOUR CHILDREN in school, his most outrageous hope to date is his hope that HE can socialize the health care industry. During one of the Town Hall Meetings someone held up a sign that said the government can’t even run their cafeteria right so why should they be trusted with our health care. BUT! There is hope that the sleeping giant that consist of the conservative majority is waking. When it does you can be sure the only hope that Barry and his liberal friends will have left is that they can still find a job once they are voted out of office. So there is hope yet. As Dylan said “the times they are a changin’”.