Survivalist Manuals

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For ALL Military Enthusiasts, Survivalists, People in “The Know”!

And yes even those that aren’t so much in the know. But you want to be in the know. But where do you find information on survival? It isn’t likefire-128x128 you can go to the library and look some of this stuff up. Or can you? Well you can if you have your own library! And don’t think you can’t have your own library of survivalist materials.

Here Is The Most Complete, Thoroughly Researched Collection of Military Manuals Available! This collection boasts well over one thousand military manuals and these great manuals cover a wide variety of subjects.

It isn’t any secret that people possessing the right skills and training wind up as the true leaders. These leaders are the envy of their peers, revered by their followers, and their opinions are sought after and respected because they have the mastery of the skills for which they are experts at.

“Military Manuals Such As There Are Extremely Valuable To Those Who Want To Become Better Developed.

As you learn from various experts in the US armed forces you can be sure that the information and training you receive is both accurate (as of the print date) and time tested, because America’s military forces developed it, uses it on a day-to-day basis, and lives by the information contained therein.

Simply put this collection of military manuals covers every topic imaginable and they are written by true experts.

Please remember, this isn’t just collections made up of materials that are unorganized and thrown together over a three-day weekend. These manuals are not a bunch of poorly made eBooks that can’t be read without the use of some kind of proprietary software. These manuals all of these:

  • Professionally created
  • Well laid out and organized
  • High quality layouts and images


So by now you are wondering if this stuff is simply too good to be true. Really, it seems IMPOSSIBLE that all this information could be available in one place and available to you at a GREAT PRICE!

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Survivalist Manuals