Indoor Antenna Projects 4

Indoor Antenna Projects 4: Tape Antennas

Tape antennas on sun-film windows:

Using the tape loop, discussed earlier, I tested the antenna on two types of sun-film windows. The first was a plastic film, often used in states such as Florida. There was no significant pattern or gain change for the antenna. The second type of film is the metal film sun screen.

Results here were dramatic. The pattern was severely disrupted. Be sure that your window films are not the metallic type if you plan to use indoor VHF/UHF antennas pointed out the window. The metallic film acts like a reflector to the signal. Attenuation is a strong factor concerning propagation. Some plastic films appear metallic, but may not be.

Tape antennas on screened windows:

There are three types of screen used as screening for windows. Plastic, fibre, and metal. The first two show some attenuation of the gain and pattern shape is similarly effected. Basically, the addition of the screen frame effects the VHF spectrum greater than the UHF spectrum. The screen frame size is near the size of VHF loops at frequency.

These texts were postings that have been collected from Ham_Tech by Wayne M. Sarosi, KB4YLY. Hermod Pedersen has edited them for online publication.

So you can see that antennas can be hidden in plain site when you have a need to do so.

These articles on stealth antennas are only meant as a guide for those using radio communications for survivalist needs such as hiking, camping, hunting, mountain climbing, or any other extreme or rugged outdoor activity.

Parts for stealth antennas can be readily available at your local hardware or home improvement stores. And be sure to also look in your local phone directory for shops who cater to the military surplus equipment crowd. You can find excellent deals on wire, ropes, poles, masts and a variety of other items needed to make your own stealth antenna.

When dealing with homeowners associations you need to make sure that your CC&R regulations don’t prohibit radio emissions or radio transmissions from your location. There are some HOA that have found out about clandestine antennas and have simply bypassed antenna regulations and went right to the prohibition of the emissions themselves. Think before moving into these particular areas because that would also mean that you could not use a radio mounted in your vehicle if you were parked on YOUR property!


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