Super Stealthy Antenna Systems

Stealth is good for hiding antennas for your survivalist communication systems from HOA (Home Owners Associations), nosy neighbors and possibly government vehicles looking for such communications systems. These Super Stealthy Antenna Ideas will help you find an antenna design you need.

While it can be said that the antennas mentioned in these articles are every bit as good as those antennas exposed free and clear out in the open. But that simply is not they case.

Shortened and hidden antennas almost always give up something in the way of performance when compared against their exposed cousins. But you must remember that these particular antennas are meant to prevent anyone from seeing them. They are in the true sense of the term – stealth antennas.


If you don’t have to keep your communications antennas hidden then that’s fine. But we all know that a day is coming where we will all be trying to hide some form of antenna.

In these following articles you will see antenna designs that seem to defy things that you know about ham and communications antennas. And yet the work!

Even today’s commercial antenna designs were most likely met with skepticism when they were first introduced to the communications community. Today they are among the world standards in antenna design and operations.

Take a look at the articles and see if there isn’t at least one idea that you as as survivalist could use at your home QTH or a remote camp of sorts.

You may notice that the vast majority of the steah antennas (or portable antennas) are made of simple such as you likely have on hand. Some purists and antenna “experts” will have you to believe that wire antennas don’t work but they can’t back up their claims with facts.

The main issue with wire antennas is that you need something to support them. Even wire vertical antennas require supports of some fashion or another.

k9ay delta loop antenna