Chameleon Antennas

Here is a
great antenna for survivalists because it will fit just about anywhere in a survivalists gear. In its dis-assembled form the antenna is roughly 30″ to 31″ long enabling it to fit almost anywhere.

This little gem covers the 160 meter band through the 6 meter band. There is also coverage of the 2M, 1.25M, 70CM + MARS/CAP bands as well.

This coverage goes a long way in making it very versatile for the needs or a survivalist or portable amateur radio operations. Among the many operations the Chameleon antenna have been used are for emergency, first responders, emergency preparedness, EmCOMM and NVIS communications.

The physical attributes of the Chameleon antenna are one of the outstanding features of this portable antenna. Weighing in at only 7 pounds one can quickly see it can be included with your BOB without worrying about adding an excessive amount of weight. Working height is 13 feet so you wouldn’t have to concern yourself with guying for this antenna. It provides a linear vertically polarized signal which is what a survivalist would expect to encounter under extreme conditions.

Power limit for the Chameleon antenna is 250 watts on SSB which are quite adequate for the operations one will encounter in survivalist operation or portable amateur radio operations.

The antenna has been receiving more and more positive reviews on and that generally indicates the antenna has met the claims of the manufacturer.

Chameleon Antennas