Commercial Antennas

Why use
commercial antennas for your SHTF needs? Availability. Price. Performance. There’s something to be said for
antennas that you can build yourself but then again there’s no reason to not use commercial antennas for survivalist needs.

Then there are times when you can find really good deals on commercial antennas that you just can’t pass up. Sometimes people are not pleased with an antenna and will just give it away, never realizing the antenna might have been assembled or installed improperly. Many times a so-called ‘poor antenna’ is the result of using poor feedline. We can’t stress enough how important the coax is to a communications system.

In this section of our web site we go into a few of the commercial antennas that a survivalist or prepper should at least take a look at for their communications needs. A note in advance, we aren’t ‘affiliates’ with these antenna companies nor do we receive anything from them to put their antenna on this web site.

Stealth antenna 02