IC-706 radio

The Icom IC-706 was an update of the older IC-703 transceiver. What’s so good about the IC-706 is that it was made in three different models:

  • IC-706 (9 bands plus 100 watts, 10 watts on 2 meters)
  • IC-706 MkII
  • IC-706 MkIIG (10 bands, 160 meters through 10 meters, 6 meters, 2 meters, and 440Mhz)

Out of all of the 703/706 models a prepper or survivalist will likely find the IC-706 MkIIG the most attractive in view of the many features it has. Another plus is that these are found used quite often since Icom no longer makes them. The small size is one of the leading features of the IC-706 a prepper, survivalist, or portable radio operator will appreciate.

With two receive selections you will find this radio a good deal just for the reception bands alone. At the low end the receiver covers .03 up to 199 Mhz while the upper end of coverage is 400 to 470 Mhz. Again read only. Of course it has the usual features: dual VFO controls, memories, preamp, attenuator, scanning, SWR and RF meter, 100 watts output on all HF bands and six meters. On two meters the radio puts out 50 watts, 20 watts on 440 Mhz.

This Icom radio would make an almost ideal comm unit for someone to use in their go kit. All you would need would be a power source (or power supply) and an antenna. Buying these radios off of other users is the only way to get one as Icom has discontinued making them. Be on your guard when purchasing used radios, from anyone. To see what other operators think of this radio check out the reviews on it: ICOM IC-706 REVIEWS.

IC-706 radio

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