Vertex-Standard Radios

Since Vertex-Standard has been in the communications business since 1956. It stands to reason there will be plenty of surplus radio gear out there for survivalists and preppers to press into service. Some Vertex-Standard’s legacy communications equipment should be fairly easy to find. Here are some searches for Vertex-Standard on some of the usual search sources:   If you look on their web site you will see a list of the Vertex-Standard Radios considered to be “legacy” products. Why should a survivalist or prepper look for “legacy” communications equipment? Price. Their brand has been around long enough for this gear to be available in military surplus stores, online communications gear sites, and else where. Here is a short list of the communications gear that Vertex-Standard which should be attractive to survivalists and preppers alike. Maybe even amateur radios operators as well.  
  • Mobiles
  • VX-2000
  • VX-2500 CONVEN
  • VX-3200
  • VX-4000
  • VX-4100/4200
  • VX-4200
  • VXD-7200
  • Portables
  • VX-130
  • VX-160
  • VX-180
  • VX-210A
  • VX-410/420
  • VX-510
  • VX-520UD
  • VX-530
  • VX-600
  • VX-800
  • VX-900
  • VXD-720
  Vertex-Standard Radios